Friday, May 18, 2012

Advance notice & prep

My travels to Romania are still a few months off, but it seemed prudent to begin my blog and let folks know the address...  I have been awarded a Fulbright Fellowship and will be teaching in Bucharest, Romania for the academic year 2012-13.  I am currently a professor at Pfeiffer University, teaching Organizational Behavior and Human Resources in the Graduate School of Business.  I will be teaching (in English!) the same sorts of subjects to both undergrads and grad students in Bucharest.

Beginning this blog is also a means of allowing myself to express some of the mixed frustration and excitement I feel. I am very excited and grateful that I am being granted the opportunity to live abroad as an ambassador of the United States and of Pfeiffer University!   It was well over a year ago that I began the application process.  The last 4-6 months of waiting for the decision were emotionally hard.  (I was trying not to get my hopes up too much, but so very much wanted to be selected.)  Now that I know I am going I am anxious for details!  And that is the frustrating part...  I am still waiting for details like exactly where I will be, how much they will pay me (important for some of the details I need to take care of here at home), and when I can go...

In the meantime, I have had my physical (I am quite healthy, thank you!) and hepatitis vaccine.  I also decided finally to have my cracked tooth crowned - something I'd been putting off for a couple of years.  I am making plans to rent out my house and to update my will.  Nothing like foreign travel to help one stop procrastinating!

Speaking of which, I have other tasks to do...

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