Saturday, May 4, 2013

Spring Visitors 1

Our first visitors this spring were Mariah, Kai, and Kate who came during Mariah's and Kai's spring break from school.  They stayed in the apartment below me, which gave them some privacy along with the convenience of being so close.  (Unfortunately for future guests, the apartment has now been rented to long-term folks, a family from Austria.)  M,K,K arrived midday on March 28 and left early morning a week later. During that time we: visited Herestrau Park and the Village Museum; played at 3 or 4 different playgrounds; visited a classroom of 5th graders; talked and caught up; ate street food, restaurant foods, and home-cooked meals; toured the historic center; played UNO; and they went off on their own to Brasov and to Bran Castle...  And I am sure I am leaving some things out.  Oh yes, we went to the market, walked around the neighborhood, and they toured the Parliament building.  I was so glad they had come to visit us and I believe they enjoyed themselves.

On the morning after they arrived, the four of us got moving early (Amanda slept in) and met Jessica, my American friend who is an English teacher here in Romania.  Jessica was a Fulbrighter last year in Montenegro and decided that she liked living abroad well enough to apply for English teaching positions.  Anyway, we met up with her and then with her two 5th grade classes.  She had the students begin by writing some questions they would like to ask American visitors and then we broke into smaller groups and had conversations. I was very impressed by their English language skills - which of course they were busy practicing while talking with us.  Some of them asked good, depth questions, but there was also a lot of "what's your favorite food?" and "do you have pets?".  It was an enjoyable to get some insight into another aspect of Romanian life.

At the Village Museum...

At some of the parks and playgrounds...

Romanian playgrounds, unencumbered by threats of lawsuits, have way cooler equipment than American playgrounds...

 The parliament building...

Unfortunately, on their last day with us, Ralph was hit by a car.  He and Amanda were right in front of the house, having just finished a walk in the neighborhood.  Since both of them are deaf, neither heard the car coming...  We are VERY impressed by the emergency veterinary care Ralph received.  A vet and assistant came to the house and checked him out, then took him by vet ambulance to get x-rays, then to the vet hospital.  Here he is the first day, then with his leg splinted prior to surgery, then walking home two days after surgery to repair his broken leg.  He is mending well now.

And to top off the trauma of the end of the visit, Mariah lost or had stolen her camera on the very last day as well.  Bummer of a way to end their week!  

Despite it all, we had a good time and I think they got an excellent taste of Romania.


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  2. Ralph is making excellent progress, Judy - thanks for asking. He is close to 2 months post accident and the bone is healing well, although not yet ready for the steel plate to be removed.

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