Sunday, May 5, 2013

Spring Visitors 2 - Part 2b (Hiking in the Piatra Craiului, Day 2)

Look at the dawn light on the mountain behind Cosmin's neighbor's house!  Wow!

 As I said, all kinds of terrain...

In addition to the breathtakingly beautiful scenery, I also enjoyed the fact that we were passing farms and seeing people going about some of their daily activities.

This lovely woman clearly wanted a little company and we stopped to chat for several minutes.  She seemed pleased to be asked to refill my water bottle.

 Time for lunch and a rest...
 And then down into Moeciu de Sus, where the taxi waited to take us back to Brasov and the train station.

As we drove back to Brasov, we passed Bran Castle on the way.  I was disappointed.  It was not as high or as remote as I had pictured it.

Martha's last day in town we spent at the Village Museum and reminiscing about our wonderful hike in the mountains.


  1. My friends and family live in this area. Thank you for bloging. I would love to chat with you about your travels.

  2. It is a lovely area, Jennifer. How lucky you are to have family and friends there!

  3. Your pictures brought back memories of my grandparents farm in Ontario when I was a little girl. As I looked through these pictures they brought to mind a photo that my mom had of my great grandparents. The picture of the lady looking over the picket fence could have been my great grandmother! My roots are in Europe and I'm wondering Anne......hmmmmmm? :)

  4. Fun to think she might be a distant relative, Judy! I definitely enjoyed the exchange with her.